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Digital Saint Records provide you with a platform to sign a single only release on the label. This is offered to any student currently studying on a course at Digital Saint Music. We release a quarterly compilation album consisting the best of the best tracks written and produced by our students. Any style is considered, but your track has to meet stringent quality requirements. 

How does it work?

If you have written and produced a track, you will upload it to our portal. It will be listened to by A&R representatives from Digital Saint Records. If your track is chosen, you will be given a single only recording contract to sign. This effectively means that Digital Saint Records own the recording of your music, but you still own the song. We then release this across numerous platforms and claim royalties against any sales.

Why release with Digital Saint Records?

You can always release your music independently, but signing this to a compilation album offers much wider promotional opportunities. If there are 15 tracks on the compilation, and each artist has 500 social media followers, that's 7500 people you could potentially reach, rather than your 500. We also have links with BBC Introducing, the local and National press and a dedicated marketing team who carefully plan and implement a marketing strategy for each release. 

How much money will I make?

Where do Digital Saint Records

distribute their music?

We are a digital only record company, and therefore only use the following services to distribute our music:

The majority of income as a musician will derive from live performances. Digital Saint Records earn 50% from every stream, download and sync contract, the other 50% is for you. Promoting your music alongside the compilation will provide you with considerably more opportunities to make money, and whilst you will receive royalties, ultimately it is about raising awareness of you as an artist, and helping build your fanbase.