You have only one life.,make every day count...

Our Ethos

If you cannot imagine doing anything else with your life, then one of our courses will help make that dream in to a reality. If you are prepared to put your music career ahead of everything else in your life, then you have come to the right place.

Digital Saint Music HQ

We are based at West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds. You will apply through WSC, but will be studying with our tutors and facilities.

Our students are here because they love music, whether that is performing, recording, composing or providing the all important backline support. You will be taught using industry standard equipment by tutors with a wealth of industry experience.

How We Roll

Each course is a mixture of practical and theory, mixed up across live sessions, mock events, workshops and lectures. We aren't in to doing things for the sake of it, so we ensure that each session is delivered in the most focussed and relevant way. We often invite industry pro's in to speak to 

you too in order to support your development.

Throughout the duration of year one and year two

you will complete a range of ongoing assignments.

The idea is to let your grow as an individual

to find out what your strengths are and how

we can turn any weaknesses in to strengths.

At the end of year one, and again in year

two you will undertake a large project which is 

determines your final grade.

This could be anything from writing and producing

an album, setting up a business, composing for a

musical through to action research projects such

as comparing hardware vs software or even going on

tour with your band. The options are limitless.

Whatever you choose, we are confident you will have two 

of the best years of your life with us, and will have learnt more about music than you ever realised was possible.


Click here to apply for one of our courses. Once we receive your application we will invite you in for an interview where we will look at your grades and reports and assess your suitability for the course. Following on from a successful interview, we will invite you in for a taster day. This will differ depending upon what course you apply for, but may be a recording session, a beat programming workshop or a performance workshop.

This is not only great for us to see how you work, but gives you a good taster of what to expe ct when you start in September.